[Dec, 17, 2021] 박재문 has been awarded the outstanding student of EMS. Congratulations!

[Aug. 31, 2021] 조법길, 박재문 has joined the laboratory as integrate students

[Dec. 28, 2020] Student office furniture finally came in beautifully.

[Aug. 31, 2020] 박재문 has been selected as a DPF (DGIST presidential fellowship) student. Congratulations!

[Aug. 31, 2020] 조법길, 박재문 joined the laboratory as Master’s degree students.

[Jun. 19, 2020] 조법길, 이세욱, 박민준, 허연수 joined the laboratory as summer interns (~ Aug. 28, 2020)

[Mar. 2, 2020] The laboratory opens, awaiting great students.